Criteria and provisions for a corporate membership:

  1. Fill the corporate membership application form  
  2. Must be recommended by 2 (two) current members who have been active for at least 5 (five) years.
  3.  Attach supports letter (a copy of KTP or ID for Indonesian), a copy of the passport, a statement verifying the validity of the temporary residence permit (KITAS) and status of membership, and 2 copies of 3cm x 4cm photograph.
  4.  All prospective new members must be interviewed by the appointed officials from the  management of JGC.
  5.  Entrance fee payment can only be paid after the interview and approval from management who is in-charge of the interview directly, and who will sign the required forms.
  6.  Newly aceepted members who have fully paid the entrance fee as well as membership premium and the necessary taxes, will be given a temporary membership card that is valid for 3 (three) months.
  7.  All new members must attend the Members Inauguration Event that is hosted by the management of Jakarta Golf Club on which they will receive a Permanent Membership Card.
  8.  Corporate membership is valid for 5 years, and membership can be transferred to another entity through a written proposal to change ownership verified by the initial same corporation and is only eligible after the original membership has been active for 6 years.