Facilities / Meeting Room

VIP Meeting Room

Meeting room is used to facilitate main activities and functional gatherings to discuss corporate matters. The room is designed to be comfortable and clean in order to create a positive feeling for executives who engage in matters such as:

1. Staff Meeting

2. Case presentation

3. Briefing

4. Press Conference

5. Counseling and Seminar.


VIP room :

A normal room that is used for meeting or a more private settings with limited number of units. Its facilities are locker rooms and toilets, where there are sofa, locker, white board, LCD TV and In-Focus projector. There are also conference table for 6 people in the JGC lobby and VIP room used for meeting between important visiting guests.


Meeting Room

Bussiness Center :

A meeting room that is located in the 2nd floor with a capacity for 15 people and is facilitated with white board, LCD TV, In-Focus projector and a free Wi-Fi.

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